CIRCL : The device that Helps keep Social Distance

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Say welcome to CIRCL, your social distancing device.

CIRCL offers an effective solution to the current need for social distancing. In our schools, our companies or our retirement homes, the threat of COVID-19 is still very present and in order to be able to resume an efficient activity in the long term, it is important to find solutions.

How CIRCL avoids close contact

Each CIRCL uses low energy Bluetooth technology to detect other boxes around it. Within 6 feets (2m) of each other, each CIRCL emits a sound to warn the user of its proximity to another person.


  • 3 Months battery life

  • Proximity Alerte Circl

  • Without configuration or syncronization

  • Easy to use 1 (Button to switch on)

Our INDIEGOGO campaign is live

We launched a crowfunding camapign to make CIRCL a reality. This crowdfunding campaign allows us to have enough pre-sales so that we can launch the final production. In the meantime, we are finishing the packaging and the mobile application.

CIRCL offers many uses, both personal and professional

In offices

Use CIRCL to protect your employees in offices or warehouses with effective social distancing

At home

help your kids and their friend to keep social distance while they play together

In schools

Our children's schools are also key places for the spread of the virus, hence the importance of setting up CIRCL there.

Other places

Retirement homes, laboratories, town halls, building sites, factories, company restaurants are other examples of places where CIRCL can be useful.

Discover CIRCL in our presentation video

CIRCL in detail.

In order to have a long life, CIRCL uses the low energy Bluetooth radio technology which allows a use for 3 months without having to change the battery.

CIRCL uses CR2477 batteries easily found on the market for about $1.5.It comes with one CR2477 battery.

The default alarm proximity distance is 6 feet (2m). If you wish to change this distance according to your needs, we have released a mobile application that allows you to choose the minimum distance desired between each CIRCL.

You can also setup a familly member list, when family members get close to each other, CIRCL will not ring.

Set up your CIRCL from your smartphone

You can also setup a familly member list, when family members get close to each other, CIRCL will not ring.

How to wear it?

For the good integration of CIRCL in our daily newspapers, it seemed important to us to make it a tool adapted to everyone. It is therefore possible to wear it around your neck with the strap provided, but you can also put it in your pocket.

Contents of the CIRCL box

CIRCL is delivered with its battery, and we provide a lanyard for each CIRCL to make
it wearable.

What Usages?

After COVID-19

Our team is currently developing an application that allows CIRCL to be updated in just a few seconds when a new feature is available. 

For example, a panic button will be available on CIRCL to alert relatives or contact the authorities in case of an assault, without having to take your phone out.

As you can see, CIRCL can continually reinvent itself to allow users to continue to use it.

The application will be available on the App store as well as on the Play Store.


CIRCL was initially not the social distancing project it is today. We decided in March 2020 to evolve our project into the one it is today in order to propose an effective solution to the COVID-19 crisis. 

CIRCL is now ready for production, pre-order it and get in july !

From design to production

Check out images from our first 2d design, 3d design to the production of the first CIRCL !

Frequently Asked Questions


CIRCL is a social distancing box. Due to its simple use and its efficiency, it prevents close contact between two individuals at less than 6 feet (2m) by signalling the presence of the other by an audible signal. CIRCL helps to change habits today for a certain future, more than 6 feet (2m) away from the other.


CIRCL offers a solution for effective social distancing. It is therefore suitable for all spaces with many people, such as schools, offices, warehouses, retirement homes or even for your children and teenagers.


Setting up an effective social distancing allows our companies to perpetuate work quickly while reducing health risks. Thus, using CIRCL is a commitment to the protection of individuals in the workplace or elsewhere.


Yes, Circl works everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. Even in a noisy surrounding, the alarm will warn you if someone is too close to you.


No, Circl works fully when you unpack it. If you want to extend the detection features, then you can download the mobile App CIRCL ME.


Initially, our project was not what it is today, but in view of the current pandemic, we thought it useful to transform it in favour of social distancing. Thus, our production line has already been launched and our first boxes are ready for use. We can therefore ensure delivery as early as July.


Launching this crowdfunding campaign allows us to have enough pre-sales so that we can launch the final production. In the meantime, we are finishing the packaging and the mobile application.


Our team is currently developing a mobile application available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store in parallel with CIRCL. It will allow to set the minimum distance between each box which is 6 feet (2m) by default. In addition, the application will be able to update CIRCL in a few seconds when new features are available. 


We wanted to make CIRCL an easy to use tool to make it accessible to anyone. Just press the power button and it will be immediately recognized by all the other CIRCLs around it. To turn it off, nothing could be simpler, just press the power button again for 3 seconds. 


In order to extend the battery life, we decided to use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This safe and reliable radio technology allows each CIRCL box to detect all the other boxes around it, without the need to synchronize them beforehand.


For efficient use, the included battery lasts for three months. CIRCL uses CR2477 batteries, easily found on the market for about $1.5. CIRCL comes with one CR2477 battery. 


CIRCL emits weak BLE radio signals to operate. No location data is stored in CIRCL. It does not communicate with the mobile application, unless you want. Your data is therefore secure.


No additional fees apply after the purchase of CIRCL. All you need are spare batteries, which cost about $1.5.


After the covid-19, CIRCL lends itself to many uses, such as setting up a panic button that will alert your loved ones in the event of an attack. This functionality can be added to CIRCL thanks to our mobile application.